Buy Fast Stores LLC

Photo 3 | Parsons Oil CoIn 1976, Parsons Oil Co. opened Buy Fast Stores LLC which consists of 5 convenience stores and truck stops in the Middle Tennessee area. We have 4 locations in Fayetteville and 1 location in Elkton.

We took one of the first service stations in Fayetteville, knocked down some walls, added a walk in cooler, and opened one of the first convenience stores in Fayetteville. In 1984, we tore that same building down and built one of the first modern day convenience stores with MPD’s and fast food.

Today, our stores offer Blimpie Subs and Salads, Charley Biggs Chicken and Sauce, Hunt Brothers Pizza, Arby’s and more. We'll make sure you get the food you need, and are back on the road in no time.